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ALDO Vasia – Women Handbags

ALDO Vasia - Women Handbags

Add some impact to each and every one of your looks with this knockout shoulder bag! Its animal print and metallic studding and hoop detail give it the right attitude. With tassel add-on that serves as a pull-tap for the zip closure, inside compartment, and knotted handle design.



ALDO Villadossola – Women Handbags

ALDO Villadossola - Women Handbags

This everyday shoulder bag with tone-on-tone stripe pattern is a great way to add a dose of summer freshness to your look. It's both versatile and trendy, and comes complete with adjustable strap, wraparound zipper and metallic accents.



ALDO Darosild – Women Handbags

ALDO Darosild - Women Handbags

Handy and top trendy, this bowling-shape handbag provides plenty of space for your daily essentials. It features this season's coveted patent finish, as well as tone-on-tone stitching and metallic detailing. With knotted overlay at the front and double handle design.



ALDO Sergnano – Women Handbags

ALDO Sergnano - Women Handbags

The slouchy finish and tone-on-tone profile give a gorgeous summer feel to this tote bag. It's large enough for you to carry everything you need, and comes equipped with flower appliqué, rounded handles and side eyelet detail.



ALDO Budoia – Women Handbags

ALDO Budoia - Women Handbags

Modern vision of the classic triangle tote, this unstructured version comes complete with slim straps, chain link detail and side pockets. Also with horizontal front pouch with metal clasp closure. A must-have accessory for your everyday style.



ALDO Europheu – Women Handbags

ALDO Europheu - Women Handbags

Add instant style to your look with slouchy handbag! Hobo-style, with double handle design, metal loop and eyelet detail and cinched upper part. Also featuring fringe detail at the front and tone-on-tone buttons and overlays.


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ALDO Lenola – Women Handbags

ALDO Lenola - Women Handbags

Match any outfit with this show-stopping handbag – a must-have item for the new season! Impossible not to love the slouchy patent finish, the asymmetrical pleated detail and the wide handles. Single-toned, with practical inside compartments and magnet closure.



ALDO Malling – Women Handbags

ALDO Malling - Women Handbags

No need to choose between practical and pretty when it comes to this do-it-all handbag. What's more, the patent finish makes it one of the trendiest options around! Zippered at the top, with rounded Hobo profile and matching side belts. Detailed with metallic buckles and hoops.


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ALDO Farblarb – Women Handbags

ALDO Farblarb - Women Handbags

Hot trend: the bowling-style handbag. Large enough to carry all your essentials, this slouchy version is a definite must-have. It features flap closure with button detail, hoop-adorned handles, zipper closure and inside pockets.